October 24, 2022
Intro To Fooditive

Get to know our Business Development Department


One of the main traits of Fooditive is that it is an innovative company which is constantly evolving in order to alter the future of the food & beverages industry by making it greener and healthier.

Of course, to achieve that the company does not only focus on the exploration and production of new ingredients, but also on the activity of pursuing strategic opportunities that will lead to efficient partnerships and other commercial relationships.

Jan-Pieter Izelaar
Business Development Manager at Fooditive; graduate of Avans University in the field of International Business, answered some questions to introduce you to the department that he excels.
What is the role of business development at Fooditive?

''My team is responsible for commercializing the products of Fooditive and building partnerships with those who share an interest with what our company represents. Besides that, our department is responsible for orienting the markets that Fooditive is not active yet. As business development is in a constantly growing position, I am also in the team of Fooditive’s first B2C product ‘GoPeasy’.''

What is your position in GoPeasy?

''For GoPeasy, I am once more responsible for finding the right production partners, but also for finding the right ingredients that will lead to the best possible outcome for the costumers, both for its taste and price. For example, right now one of my priorities is to find the most suitable oil and sugar that will create the perfect taste. To give you more information, we are developing a plant-based milk from yellow split-peas, which will be launching in three different flavors. The next step is to expand it into a complete dairy alternative line. ''

''So, we can say that this is just the beginning!''
Are you active in other departments at Fooditive?

''Well, as Fooditive is still in its start-up phase, sometimes work can be priority based and some responsibilities are divided. Besides my field of expertise, I can be busy with the rest of the team with P.R. and the website.''

Who or what inspired you to follow this path?

''Growing up in a bakery family, I was always in touch with food and its production, which later made me interested in the production of other goods. Specifically, during my studies the sustainable products caught my attention and made me wonder how it would be possible to make pastry better for your health. Hence, Moayad’s work ethics and drive to make change in the food industry inspire me to contribute to this field with more passion and determination, because this change needs to happen.''

What would you like to achieve as a Business Development specialist in Fooditive?

''As far as I am amazed by the technological innovation, the goal for me is to put these ingredients into the market and to my family business, in order to make any possible food healthier and sustainable. Also, these goals are never stopping as everything now is fast paced, you can grab as many challenges as you want and make them your goal. ''

''Sky is the limit.''
How is one day at Fooditive for you?

''Enduring bad jokes from Rohan and fighting over the temperature is definitely one thing. Other than that, no day is the same as our international team brings a different vibe every time, which make this job even better. ''

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