September 26, 2022
Intro To Fooditive

Welcome to the Fooditive Blog!


In 2018, a passionate and creative food scientist made their dream come true with the launch of Fooditive. Three years later, this food scientist is joined by a team of enthusiastic and diverse people. More of our dreams have come true and it is only the beginning for Fooditive.

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Fooditive’s launch, we are starting a weekly blog! Here, our team will share our favourite recipes, tips and tricks, business updates, and loads more.

Every Thursday, a new post will be published on the Fooditive website or sent directly to our amazing subscribers. If you want to join our mailing list, go to the bottom of the home page on our website.  Don't miss out!

Stay tuned for next week where we will be sharing our tips and tricks on how to introduce sustainability into your daily life.

- The Fooditive Family.

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