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We're making global team management so easy, businesses don't need to think twice. Whether you want to hire contractors and employees worldwide without opening legal entities, streamline HR for your global team, or consolidate payroll for everyone —Deel does it all (while keeping you compliant).

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EOR employees

Easily hire and pay employees where you don’t have entities with Deel’s worldwide infrastructure.


Work with contractors anywhere with built-in compliance, automated invoicing, and effortless global payments.

Direct employees

Quickly onboard and pay direct employees hired through your entities to consolidate processes.

Build confidence in your compliance with the #1 Global HR platform

Whether you have a domestic team or a growing worldwide workforce, Deel HR is custom-built for every worker, in any country, so you can compliantly manage everyone in one place.

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Winter 2023


4.8 (1,983 reviews)


EOR Market Leader


#7 2022 Top Company


Cloud 100 List 2022

Consolidate all things HR with features created for your global team

See you later 16 different HR tools. We’re simplifying every aspect of managing a worldwide team, from benefits and equity to working visas and equipment. It’s one platform made to get you set up compliantly in just 5 minutes.

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Enjoy the benefits of having everything in a single platform

Save on your tech stack with one HR and payroll platform

Reduce onboarding time to just 5 minutes

Eliminate errors and duplicate work with one process

Get a holistic view of employer costs, headcount and churn

Give your whole team a consistent experience

Run compliant payroll
for your global team in minutes

Pay contractors, EORs, and direct employees on autopilot

We handle taxes, provide benefits, payslips, and way more

Eliminate admin with automated contractor invoicing

Give your team flexibility with 15+ global payment options

Local, legal, tax, and accounting expertise just a click away

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There’s a whole world out there.
Why not hire anywhere?

Tap into the most extensive coverage on the market and hire anywhere in five minutes using our 100+ Deel entities and visa support. Yep, your talent pool just got infinite.

Ways we've helped 15,000+ businesses save time, money, and resources

How Revolut streamlined employee relocation with Deel

“Through Deel, we’ve been able to hire more than 150 people so far, and we have also relocated more than 10 employees to countries like the UAE and Switzerland.”
— Luka Besling, HR Manager at Revolut

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How EEG seamlessly acquired over 30 worldwide contractors  

EEG absorbed over 30 contractors spanning 20 different countries from an M&A but didn’t have a way to onboard them. Thanks to Deel, they’ve managed the acquisition and absorbed all the contractors seamlessly.

1 M&A

conducted through Deel


team members onboarded

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How Turing effortlessly hired 3,000+ people in 60+ countries using Deel

“When we came to understand the importance that Deel places on individual country laws and making sure that contracts are structured in the right way, they really stood out.”
— Sudarshan Sivaraman, Head of Customer Success & Sales at Turing


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The reasons to choose Deel are clear

Our guaranteed top-tier service and industry-leading worldwide coverage provide peace of mind for any global team. With Deel’s next-level automation and in-house infrastructure, quality always comes first for our customers.


First response time with 24/7 in-app support


In-house tax, payroll and legal specialists


Deel-owned entities worldwide to hire and pay anywhere


Saved by customers monthly automating HR admin


Flexible payment methods to pay your team


Of entity set up costs saved per country

Deel HR is free for organizations of up to 200 people

Find out how Deel can fit your budget and needs based on the growth stage of your business, the size of your team, or both.

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