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Operational Manager


Start Date: September 2023

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Job Type: Full-time

Job Description:

As an Operational Manager at Fooditive, you’ll be tasked with overseeing our daily business activities and improve our overall business functionality. You’ll be required to manage our operational procedures and ensure that our business goals align with our strategies.

  1. Managing day-to-day business activities.

  2. Ensuring all operations are carried on in an appropriate, cost-effective way.

  3. Implementing operational standards and guidelines.

  4. Overseeing operational cost, hiring and team leading

  5. Implementing strategies for operational excellence and transformation.

  6. Reviewing and auditing agreements, services, and partnerships.

  1. Bachelor's degree in business administration or relevant field.

  2. Experience in operational management, leadership role is a plus.

  3. Strong organizational and communication skills.

  4. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and management software.

  5. Understanding of general finance and budgeting.

  6. Excellent ability to delegate responsibilities while maintaining organizational control of branch operations and customer service.

  7. Must be eligible to legally live and work in The Netherlands.

  1. Gain hands-on experience in the innovative field of food biotechnology.

  2. Enjoy free lunch and snacks in our office.

  3. Work in flexible hours at our office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

  4. Be part of a team that is changing the world of the food industry.

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