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Fooditive Sweetener


At Fooditive, we're all about making your life easier. That is why we have developed a non-calorie sugar replacement called Fooditive Sweetener 5-D-Keto-Fructose. With the same taste and functionality as sugar, our ingredient is made from upcycling fruit and vegetable side-treams. It's allergen-free, GMO-free, non-cariogenic—and above all it tastes amazing!

Fooditive Sweetener Keto-Fructose is a 100% natural ingredient that supports the side streams of apples and pears production. We're proud to offer it to you as a natural sweetener that's perfect for any food or beverage product.

**Fooditive sweetener is not yet available for sale as it is in the process of the novel food application in Europe.



What is the issue with those ingredients? Their potential accumulation in our bodies happens gradually and is associated with various health issues. So what if we have the same functional properties from a 100% natural source? Welcome to our solution.  

Fooditive Emulsifier is made from potato glycoprotein patatin. Our Emulsifier is also known as tuberin because it is found in potato tubers. It is a 100% natural and plant-bsed product that allows liquids such as oil and water to blend smoothly into a stable emulsion making it the perfect emulsifier. It is not a secret that synthetic emulsifiers are commonly found in processed food.  

Our Fooditive Emulsifier is made based on the first principle of circular economy. We believe that by designing the product from the waste of side-streams we can make something valuable both for the benefit of the food industry and the environment.  Therefore, Fooditive Emulsifier development process starts with the selection of the potato side streams.

The side streams are the skin from french fries production which is also derived directly from farmers. Moreover, using potato side streams leads our emulsifier to the other principles of circular economy which includes the ability to tackle global challenges like climate change and to keep and regenratare natural material.

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Best Applictions




It guarantees high emulsification/avoidance of coalescence
It provided high crystallization
It provides creaminess in food applications, as it has a positive effect on the viscosity and it creates an appealing texture
It gives the best outcomes on release and aeration

Diary alternatives
Frozen desserts and ice creams
Soups and premade food

Development of

Loads of love, science and care about our planet.

The Raw

Selection of the potato side streams. The side streams can be the skin, side streams from French fries’ production or derived directly from farmers.It is a plant-based, sustainable, and natural ingredient with thickening functions. It offers a green label in food product applications.


The potato slurry is dehydrated in order to reach a water content of 8%.


Creation of the emulsifying effect. In this stage, oil is added and mixing is happening, by the use of known principles for the creation of emulsifiers.

ooditive Emulsifier provides stable oil-in-water emulsion. By assuring avoidance of droplet coalescence and providing uniformly disperse droplets in emulsion. We guarantee high emulsification of final emulsion by the addition of Fooditive Emulsifier. Moreover, in frozen product application it prevents from forming large crystals by giving an even uniform and fine structure. The Fooditive Emulsifier provides creaminess and fineness as it has a positive effect on the viscosity and it is a great dispersing agent.  

Moayad Abushokheidm

Fooditive Founder

Fooditive Group - New Era
Fooditive Group - New Era
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