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A Sustainable and Natural Solution for Food Formulations

Emulsifier - Patatin

In the culinary world, oil and water famously don't mix. That's where our emulsifier comes in, derived from the potato glycoprotein patatin, also known as tuberin. Our 100% natural, plant-based emulsifier harmoniously merges these resistant components into a smooth, stable blend.

This innovation acts as a testament against the prevalent usage of synthetic emulsifiers in processed foods.

At Fooditive, we adhere to the principles of circular economy, taking what is often considered "waste" and crafting something of great value.

The potato side streams used in our emulsifier originate from the by-products of french fry production and farmers' surplus, encompassing our commitment to resource efficiency and sustainable processes. This not only leads to a high-quality product but also contributes to tackling global challenges like climate change and natural resource preservation.

We have the product for you, our technology utilizes a combination of traditional and modern methods to efficiently extract tuberin, also known as patatin, from potato waste, every step of our production process is geared towards sustainability and efficiency.


Once treated, we leverage our technology to extract tuberin, obtaining a high-quality emulsifier that's ready to revolutionize your food products.

Creating Magic from Potato Waste

Production Process

Emulsifier originates from potato side streams - specifically, the skins from french fries production - creating value from what would otherwise be waste. This approach not only benefits the food industry but also addresses global challenges like climate change, further enhancing the regeneration of natural materials.


Dairy Alternatives: Enhances the smooth, creamy texture of plant-based milks, cheeses, and yogurts. Sauces: Assists in creating a uniform, well-blended sauce that won't separate. Frozen Desserts and Ice Creams: Aids in achieving a rich, creamy texture and avoids ice crystal formation. Soups and Premade Foods: Contributes to a smooth consistency and homogeneous blend of ingredients.

Key functions

  • High emulsification to prevent coalescence

  • High crystallization for consistency

  • Creaminess in food applications, positively affecting viscosity and creating an appealing texture

  • Optimal outcomes on release and aeration

What Sets Us Apart

Our natural and sustainable roots for our process. Born from the side streams of potato production, our emulsifier not only serves as a health-conscious alternative to synthetic emulsifiers but also embodies the principles of the circular economy. Our product, offering high emulsification and crystallization, boosts the taste and texture of food while simultaneously championing our commitment to global sustainability and health.

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