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Revolutionizing Healthiness with Every Bite

Fat Replacer

Innovation and sustainability are the pillars of Fooditive's mission, and this is best exemplified in our unique product - the Fooditive Fat Replacer. Our team found a new purpose for avocado seeds, a resource that was usually discarded. Using an innovative extraction and processing technique, we turn what was once waste into a revolutionary product that benefits both consumers and the environment.

Fooditive Fat Replacer is not just a healthier alternative to conventional fats. It's a radical shift in the food industry, allowing consumers to enjoy their favorite foods without compromising on taste or texture.

Developed from avocado seeds using our proprietary method. As a sustainable, healthier fat substitute, it can replace up to 90% of the total fat in formulations, thereby reducing the calories from the replaced fat by 92%. It's a versatile and green ingredient for the food industry.

Fooditive Fat Replacer (EPG)


Our Fat Replacer can be used in a multitude of food items such as baked goods, dairy and dairy-alternative products, sauces, dressings, and more. Its ability to mimic dairy fat and its neutral flavor make it a perfect ingredient for those looking to maintain the rich taste in their products while significantly reducing the fat content.

Key Features

  • Neutral taste, making it ideal for a variety of food applications

  • Mimics dairy fat, providing a creamy texture to food products

  • Lowers the total calories of food products by up to 45% per serving

  • Promotes a "green label" due to its sustainable sourcing and production

Production Process

At Fooditive, we prioritize utilizing and creating a high value of fruits and vegetable side steams. Our process transforms avocado seeds, a by-product often discarded during avocado processing, into a fat-replacing food ingredient. This not only promotes sustainability but also allows us to provide a healthier, lower-calorie alternative to traditional fats.

What Sets Us Apart

Our approach to fat replacement is unparalleled. We provide a healthier alternative to fat while combating food waste by repurposing avocado seeds. We've successfully transformed a waste product into a functional, sustainable food ingredient that significantly reduces calories in food products. Our inventive spirit and commitment to sustainability are what set Fooditive apart in the food industry.

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