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 Crafting Tomorrow's Food, Today.


Delivering Innovative, Sustainable,Plant-Based Ingredients


Transforming natural, plant-based materials into sustainable, innovatory ingredients.


Harnessing biotechnology, driving relentless research, development, and revolution in food industry.


Fostering valuable business collaborations for mutual growth and a sustainable future.


Building global networks advancing nutrition access, animal welfare, and environment preservation.


Innovative plant-based ingredients

Our mission at Fooditive is to pave the way for a brighter, healthier tomorrow by making affordable, nutritious food accessible for all. Through our dedication to sustainable practices and innovative solutions, we strive to create plant-based ingredients that positively impact both consumers and the environment. Embracing the future of food, our unwavering commitment to ethical business principles, transparency, and circular economics is at the heart of everything we do. Fooditive leads the charge in a new era of sustainable and transparent food production, fueled by our optimism and determination to make a lasting, positive difference in the world.

fooditive team

At Fooditive, innovation blooms as we explore the uncharted realms of fermentation technology. Our mission to create sustainable, healthy, and accessible plant-based ingredients is accentuated by our groundbreaking methods in the field of fermentation. Harnessing the power of this time-honored process, we unlock exciting possibilities to drive the future of food forward.

Innovation in Fermentation: Fooditive's Pioneering Approach

Our best products

Fooditive Sweetener


A 100% natural sweetener made from up-cycled apples and pears, offering a healthy, guilt-free sweetening option that contributes to a circular economy.

Non- Animal Casein


Experience the versatility and sustainability of our plant-based casein, designed to enhance food textures while promoting animal welfare.

A cutting-edge fat replacer that allows for lower-fat food products without compromising on taste or texture, contributing to healthier food options.


Esterified Propoxylated Glycerols (Fat-Replacer)

Beta Carotene (Preservative)


Our Beta Carotene is a natural preservative that not only prolongs the shelf-life of foods but also provides the added benefits of this health-boosting carotenoid.


Our Focus Areas

Welcome to Fooditive, where we turn the dream of a healthier, sustainable food industry into reality through innovation, transparency, and ethical practices. Our plant-based solutions not only cater to the health-conscious but also to those passionate about nature's wellbeing.


Responsible Ingredients for a Healthier World

Fooditive's product line is centered on breaking boundaries in the food industry. Our renowned Fooditive sweetener is a testament to our ethos of sustainability and innovation, offering a healthier alternative without compromising on taste. Our vegan casein is a game-changer, allowing for the creation of a wide range of dairy-free products.

fooditive sweetener


R&D Services

Fooditive provides comprehensive R&D services to help companies enhance their product offerings. This includes improving product sustainability, refining production processes, and formulating innovative, healthier alternatives.

fooditive R&D


Partnerships and Licensing

Fooditive believes in collective growth and offers partnership opportunities for businesses aiming to leverage their groundbreaking processes. Through licensing agreements, Fooditive allows other companies to benefit from their sustainable production methods and innovative product formulations.

fooditive partnerships
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