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Innovative food ingredients for a sustainable future

At Fooditive, we blend the best of nature and technology to create sustainable, healthy, and innovative food solutions. Join us as we revolutionize the food industry, one plant-based ingredient
at a time.


Our Story

Fooditive: Inspiring the Future of Food through Innovation, Sustainability, and Transparency

Our Journey

Fooditive is a groundbreaking start-up dedicated to revolutionizing the food industry by creating products that are healthier, more sustainable, and delicious. Our commitment lies in the belief that everyone deserves the best possible products.

Our story began with a vision. Since our founding in 2018, our relentless pursuit has been to enhance the quality of life for people everywhere. We are a dynamic team of inventive individuals, striving to revolutionize the food industry by offering delicious, healthy, and sustainable products.

By Using our love and passion for fermentation and advanced biotechnology and sustainable practices, we ensure traceability and ethical practices throughout our supply chain, making healthy food accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our Way of Work

Fooditive was conceived with a singular mission: to be an industry-changing, creative powerhouse that would redefine the food landscape. Our vision is to create sweeter, healthier ingredients that can make a real impact, that are good for you, and the planet.

With a deep commitment to consumer-centric innovation, we welcome customer feedback to refine existing formulas or introduce new ones tailored to evolving preferences and needs. At Fooditive, we blend the best of nature and technology to create sustainable, healthy, and innovative food solutions.

We believe in the power of collaboration and transparency. Our partnerships with leading food companies worldwide reflect our principle that progress is best driven through collaboration.

Our mission at Fooditive is to pave the way for a brighter, healthier tomorrow by making affordable, nutritious food accessible for all. Through our dedication to sustainable practices and innovative solutions, we strive to create plant-based ingredients that positively impact both consumers and the environment.

Embracing the future of food, we are committed to merging technology with nature to redefine what’s possible in food production. Our vision is to lead the charge in a new era of sustainable and transparent food production, fueled by our optimism and determination to make a lasting, positive difference in the world.

Innovation: Leveraging advanced biotechnology to transform natural ingredients.
Sustainability: Reducing food waste and carbon emissions through upcycling and efficient production.
Transparency: Ensuring traceability and ethical practices throughout our
supply chain.
Affordability: EveryFood partners with businesses to deliver healthy food options that are accessible and affordable for everyone, ensuring both employees and customers can enjoy nutritious meals at great value.

Fooditive sweetener
5-D-keto fructose

Vegan Casein
Non-Animal Protein

Bee-Free Honey
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Thickening Agent
Banana flour

Transforming Food side streams into Delicious and Healthy Ingredients

At Fooditive Group, we harness
the natural process of fermentation to create innovative and sustainable ingredients.

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Revolutionize Your Food Choices with Sustainable Fermentation Solutions

Find out how our fermentation process promotes a healthier planet and a healthier you.

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Our unique fermentation process unlocks the full potential of upcycled fruits and vegetables.

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