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We're building the food of the future​​, join us to build a better future.

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It's been a long road, but Fooditive has always been a pioneer—and we will uphold our promise to make your sci-fi dream come true.
Take our time machine to 2040 and see how we're shaping the food of the future! ​We are always updating  the latest news and developments of our futuristic products. Sign up to stay up to date.

Bee-Free Honey
We're building the food of the future,
by protecting the bees.
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tackling the side-effects of salt and provides a low sodium salt future.
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A disruptive next level project technology that can transform; biotechnology, 3D printing and our commitment to sustainability either for mars landing or long term sustainable future of food
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Full milk formula
Real dairy that’s 100% animal-free

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We are shaping the future of food

We're Shaping the Future

We solve food issues that we want to avoid having as we are passionate about our mission, because we care about food that is kinder for us, and kinder for the world.

We love fixing the challenges we face and utilising the opportunities that the food industry presents.