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Fooditive Sweetener


At Fooditive, we're all about making your life easier. That is why we have developed a non-calorie sugar replacement called Fooditive Sweetener 5-D-Keto-Fructose. With the same taste and functionality as sugar, our ingredient is made from upcycling fruit and vegetable side-treams. It's allergen-free, GMO-free, non-cariogenic—and above all it tastes amazing!

Fooditive Sweetener Keto-Fructose is a 100% natural ingredient that supports the side streams of apples and pears production. We're proud to offer it to you as a natural sweetener that's perfect for any food or beverage product.

**Fooditive sweetener is not yet available for sale as it is in the process of the novel food application in Europe.

Vegan Casein

Non-Animal Protein

The magic of protein, the secret to every dairy product, which gives us that perfect taste, flavor, and texture. However, with all those great benefits comes great complexity.  

Fooditive Casein is a GMO free 'end product' that provides to the plant-based industry the key to improve the plant-based products. We compete with the dairy industry, as we are able to provide a sustainable and a kinder way to enjoy our love for milk. At the same time, we can improve the quality and taste of it for the plant-based lover.  

At Fooditive, since the day we started, we knew that plant-based dairy applications need protein to deliver the creamy, tasty, and melting factors that cow's milk naturally has. We have always been a pioneer in the food industry and we offered our love for science, food, and sustainability in our new product.  

Casein is a type of milk protein that is found in the milk of mammals such as cows, goats, and sheep. Its main function is to provide structure to the curds that result from the coagulation of casein-rich liquid milk. The other major function of casein is to bind calcium and magnesium ions in a process called precipitation.  

Understanding the magic of milk has helped us to re-create the same formula that nature designed. We have developed our Vegan Casein, by using the full casein protein formula into yeast through biotechnology and precision fermentation. To copy and modify the sequence of the casein and add it to yeast we are feeding our yeast; peas, sugar, and loads of love in order to make our famous vegan casein.  

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The secret for the creamy, melting, and mature taste that we get in cheese, and the ways we can get the creamy feeling from the mammal milk " cow, goat or sheep" stems from the casein, and that's why in 2019 Fooditive started working on developing the world first industrial scale casein.

A better milk
The result is a vegan casein product loaded with more nutrition per gram than anything else we know of compared to other plant-based proteins. It performs exactly as you would expect a milk protein to function. Most importantly, it's fat-free.
A better Cheese
Meltable vegan cheese?

With the increased consumer demand to have plant-based cheese that mimics the texture of dairy cheese, our vegan casein achieves the perfect texture for various cheese applications.
A better yoghurt
Yoghurt curd formation is based on the isoelectric precipitation of casein. Our vegan casein has been developed to meet the requirement, for smooth plant-based yogurt applications.
Plant-based meat
In plant-based meat applications, our vegan casein provides the proper texture and satisfies the need to keep a balanced sensory character and the proper moisture in the product.

Development of
vegan casein  ​

Loads of love, science and care about our planet.

Periplasmic expression

Copying the  genetic code of casein protein and modify it to provide a better results and than introduce it to our yeast

Precision Fermentation

We then place our yeast in a bioreactors with water, nutrients, peas, and sugar and allow it to undergo its natural fermentation process. As of the code we gave it, it converts the sugar into casein proteins


Filtering the process to get the highest purity of the casein that will be based on the full casein , our animal-free milk protein.

Kinder for the planet sustainability in numbers

water per kg of casein

CO2 produced
per kg of casein
energy needed to
produce one kg of our casein

We know how hard it can be to find a source of protein that is both vegan and free of antibiotics, hormones and additives.That's why we created vegan casein. It's animal-free protein made from plant-based ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. It's not treated with any additives or preservatives, so you get the most natural casein possible without having to pasteurize it or refrigerate it. This makes it perfect for vegans who want to get their needs without worrying about what's in their food—or for anyone who wants to eat more naturally!

Moayad Abushokheidm

Fooditive Founder

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Fooditive Group - New Era
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