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All Caseins in One


In cow's milk, casein exists as a group of proteins, consisting of several types, each contributing unique properties to dairy products. By incorporating all these types into our vegan casein, we are able to achieve a plant-based product that behaves just like its dairy counterpart. This complete replication provides an authentic dairy experience that is unmatched by other plant-based alternatives.


A New Dawn for Dairy Alternatives

Production Process

With the power of precision fermentation and DNA sequencing, Fooditive has successfully replicated the essence of cow protein. We're transforming plant-based sources into high-quality, vegan casein on an industrial scale. This production process makes our casein not only animal-free but also sustainable, marking a critical shift in plant-based food production.


Milk Reinvented:

Our vegan casein presents a nutritionally dense alternative to other plant-based proteins. Performing precisely as a milk protein should, it offers an improved, fat-free dairy experience.


Cheese Revolution:

In response to the growing demand for plant-based cheese that truly replicates dairy cheese, our vegan casein offers the perfect solution, achieving a texture ideal for a variety of cheese applications.


Yogurt Rethought:

The basis of yogurt curd formation lies in the isoelectric precipitation of casein. Our vegan casein meets this requirement, paving the way for smoother, creamier plant-based yogurt experiences.


Redefining Plant-based Meat:

Our vegan casein is more than a dairy substitute. It also provides the right texture for plant-based meat, maintaining a balanced sensory profile and the necessary moisture in the product.

Key functions

  • Nutritionally Dense: It's packed with the same protein density as milk, offering an enhanced, fat-free dairy experience.

  • Taste and texture enhancer: in plant-based cheese applications to the need for plant-based cheese that genuinely replicates the taste and texture of dairy cheese, our vegan casein hits the mark.

  • Curd formation: Our casein meets the requirements for yogurt curd formation, enabling smoother, creamier plant-based yogurt experiences.

  • Sensory and texture: our vegan casein helps maintain a balanced sensory profile and necessary moisture in plant-based meat, offering the right texture and taste.

What Sets Us Apart

Fooditive Vegan Casein represents a breakthrough in plant-based dairy alternatives. Unlike other offerings in the market, our product successfully replicates all types of casein found in cow milk. This includes αS1-, αS2-, β-, and κ-caseins, making our casein a game-changer in the industry. It's this holistic replication that allows us to offer a truly unparalleled product.

Non-Animal Casein 

Welcome to the future of casein

Imagine a world where we've taken the essence of cow protein and replicated it using precision DNA sequencing. This is the world of Fooditive Vegan Casein. A product of groundbreaking technology, it represents the first-ever industrial-scale, plant-based casein produced through precision fermentation. 


Our casein presents a disruptive non-animal protein solution, offering a sustainable, cruelty-free alternative to conventional casein. Its creation marks a significant step in equipping the plant-based industry to rival dairy in quality and taste, all while being kinder to the planet, the animals, and our bodies.

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