Our Pledge

to Sustainability.

What we do

Our Promise

At Fooditive, the concept of sustainability is far more profound than just being a trending corporate phrase; it's the ethos that underpins our existence and the very fabric of our operational framework. We are driven by an unequivocal vision— to revolutionize the food industry with sustainable, wholesome, and readily accessible plant-based ingredients, setting forth on our journey with unwavering innovation and resolve.
Our trailblazing Fooditive Sweetener embodies our dedication towards fostering a circular economy. Derived from repurposed fruit side-streams, this natural, calorie-free sweetener encapsulates our commitment: turning waste into a resource, advocating sustainable practices, and cultivating a greener planet.

Building Trust in
a Sustainable Agri-food Ecosystem

At Fooditive, we exemplify operations transparency, emphasizing a commitment that stretches further than just product labeling. We stand firmly for third-party producers' just compensation and the use of ethically sourced materials.

While we do not directly engage with farmers, our responsibility towards the farming community remains unwavering.
We understand the need for fair and just compensation for all elements involved in our supply chain. To support this, we function closely with third-party producers who share our dedication to fair practice.
Our unwavering commitment to ethically sourced materials reflects in our exclusive relationship with these third-party producers. Situating ourselves at the nexus of sustainability and ethics, we ensure the materials are sourced sustainably, making a concerted effort to uphold the industry's quality standards and contribute positively to a more balanced and sustainable world.

Our production process is marked with the highest level of integrity, inviting scrutiny at every juncture. With this open-door approach,
we encourage clear dialogue about our methods, fostering trust and understanding among our partners, consumers, and the wider community.


At Fooditive, we've turned to the age-old art of fermentation to bring out the manifold opportunities hidden in nature.
This time-tested technique allows us to create ingredients that are not only rich in nutrition but also endorse the safety and sustainability ethos we firmly uphold.

Our fermentation process unlocks the nutritional essence from plant-based byproducts, transforming them into simple, healthful components. This not only enhances the nutritional profiles of our products but also showcases our relentless pursuit of a zero waste future.
Our commitment to safety is paramount. From strict adherence to food safety norms to comprehensive monitoring of the process, we ensure our products stand true to the highest safety standards. We're committed to maintaining absolute transparency in all stages of our manufacturing journey, inviting our customers to trust us and understand our operations better.

With Fooditive, you're not just choosing plant-based ingredients of high quality. You're playing your part in fostering a more eco-friendly world, one healthful product at a time. Embrace the future of the food industry with us - a future shaped by nature-friendly innovations that redefine the scale of what's possible in today's scenario.

Philosophy and Pledge

Our business model is anchored in effectively making use of side stream ingredients—an unconventional approach that fervently promotes the reduction of waste and the optimization of resources. On this ground, we repurpose unwanted by-products from food production, such as surplus fruits and vegetables, that might have otherwise been wasted.

The overlooked remnants are ingeniously upcycled into applicable food components, weaving these threads back in the ecosystem tapestry. Such a unique process shines a light on the untapped potential of sustainable resources, heralding a future where industry coexists peacefully with nature.
In our relentless pursuit of environmental sustainability, we've recognized the balance between nature preservation and economic considerations. Determined that sustainable products should not compromise affordability, we're committed to ensuring that our products are accessible to all.

Our strong belief is simple: good, wholesome, sustainable food should not be a luxury—it is a fundamental right. We remain steadfast in completing the full circle of sustainability, where our actions resonate positively with the ecosystem, further the progress of communities and offer consumers healthy options without financial burden.With steady hands, we blend innovation and tradition, mingle nature with nutrition. At Fooditive, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainability, always keeping our promise of delivering affordable products.



We rescue surplus produce and by-products from local farmers, reducing waste right from the start of our production chain.



Through innovative techniques, we transform typically wasted materials into valuable ingredients for our product range.



Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize CO2 emissions and make optimum use of resources, promoting a true circular model.



We prioritize balancing sustainability, quality, and affordability, ensuring our environmentally-friendly products are accessible to all consumers.