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Fooditive Sweetener


At Fooditive, we're all about making your life easier. That is why we have developed a non-calorie sugar replacement called Fooditive Sweetener 5-D-Keto-Fructose. With the same taste and functionality as sugar, our ingredient is made from upcycling fruit and vegetable side-treams. It's allergen-free, GMO-free, non-cariogenic—and above all it tastes amazing!

Fooditive Sweetener Keto-Fructose is a 100% natural ingredient that supports the side streams of apples and pears production. We're proud to offer it to you as a natural sweetener that's perfect for any food or beverage product.

**Fooditive sweetener is not yet available for sale as it is in the process of the novel food application in Europe.

Thickening Agent

Banana Flour

Food applications require ingredients that can function well and provide a clean label solutions. Fooditive Thickener is made exclusively by using banana skins as we wanted to find a solution for banana side-streams.

Therefore, Fooditive Thickener is a part of circular economy as we are reusing the valuable elements that banana peels can offer. The banana skin flour contains two carbohydrate polymers such as amylopectin and amylose. Fooditive Thickener is suitable for oil-in-water emulsion preparation. It is very stable and does not contain the colour, starch, sweetness, or odour of the banana skin.

It increases the viscosity of a liquid in food applications without changing its properties. Fooditive Thickener can be used as a plant-based alternative instead of artificial thickener agents. We believe that Fooditive Thickener will be the best clean label food additive to stabilize your food products.  

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Best Applictions




A plant-based alternative for thickening agents (instead of artificial food thickeng agents).
It offers clean label as it has a moderate viscosity and it is water soluble with adhesive properties.
It contains surfactants that offer efficient contact with the water phase, so it stabilizes the formulations.
It prevents sugar crystallization & has the ability to stabilize foam.  
It is developed from the extraction of banana side-streams, which automatically means that it supports circular economy through re-using banana peels.

Diary alternatives
Frozen desserts and ice creams
Soups and premade food

Development of

Loads of love, science and care about our planet.

The Raw

We first blend the banana skin with our solution to ensure there is no presence of pesticides.We continue with milling, so to create a slurry out of bananas.


The milled banana slurry was allowed to rest in storage tanks for some hours to separate.After this phase, we extract the starch from the solution.


The slurry is centrifugated to take a solution with a solids content of 66% minimum.After this process, we end up with a purified starch that is dried to minimum moisture content, sieve it, and it is ready.

Fooditive Thickener contains two surfactants, one to stabilize the thickener and one that helps bring the polymer into contact with the aqueous phase of the formulation. When the product is added to water, the polymer expands into the water phase to thicken and give stability to the preparation. As the formulation thickens, the oil phase ingredients are emulsified and stabilized.

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