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From Peels to Perfection

Fooditive Thickening Agent 

In the realm of food applications, having ingredients that perform exceptionally and offer clean label solutions is crucial. With that notion, we at Fooditive proudly introduce our Thickening Agent, ingeniously made using banana skins.

Our quest for a solution to utilise banana side-streams has led us to the creation of this product. The Fooditive Thickening Agent is a testament to the power of circular economy principles, as we reuse the valuable components found in banana peels that are often discarded.

The secret lies in our banana skin extract, which contains two surfactants. One surfactant stabilises the thickener, while the other facilitates the polymer's interaction with the aqueous phase of the formulation. As the product is added to water, the polymer expands into the water phase, thickening the mixture and providing stability. As the formulation thickens, it emulsifies and stabilises the oil phase ingredients.

Revolutionary Thickening Agent - Banana Flour

Production Process

At Fooditive, we've harnessed the surprising power of banana skins to create our unique Thickening Agent. Using a proprietary process that prioritizes sustainability and effectiveness, we convert banana skins into a functional food ingredient that offers exceptional benefits for various food applications.


  • Dairy and dairy alternatives

  • Sauces and dressings

  • Bakery items

  • Soups and ready meals

Key functions

Our Thickening Agent is ideal for oil-in-water emulsion preparations, offering superior stability and consistent performance. It effectively enhances the viscosity of liquids without altering their original properties. Ideal for a range of applications, our thickener shines in products such as:

- Pre-made soups and sauces.

- Dairy & dairy alternatives.


What Sets Us Apart

What sets our Thickening Agent apart is its entirely natural and sustainable origin. It's not just about enhancing food texture; it's about offering a clean label solution and contributing to a circular economy. Made exclusively from banana skins, our thickener is a testament to our commitment to minimize waste, maximize value, and create superior, earth-friendly food ingredients. Experience the Fooditive difference today.

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