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Fooditive Sweetener is more than a sugar substitute; it's a symbol of our mission to revolutionize food production for a healthier and more sustainable future. With Fooditive, you're not just tasting sweetness - you're experiencing the future.

Unveiling the Sweet Side of Sustainability

Production Process

Our patented, ingenious continuous fermentation process turns fruit waste into sweet treasures. Starting with discarded apples and pears, we extract their natural sugars through fermentation and transform these sugars into 5-D-Keto-Fructose. A rigorous purification process ensues, culminating in a high-quality, 99.5% clean sweetener. This journey from fruit to sweetener is not just a process - it's a transformation that happens in less than seven hours.


Explore the versatility of Fooditive Sweetener. It serves as a flavorful addition to a broad range of food and beverages, including confectionery, soft drinks, dairy products, and baked goods. Its unique ability to provide a cooling effect and non-cariogenic properties makes it an ideal choice for dental and pharmaceutical products. Welcome to sweetness without the guilt.

Key functions

  • Sweetness redefined: Mirrors the clean, sweet taste of sugar

  • Adds bulk and texture to your culinary creations

  • Expert in neutralizing bitter flavors

  • Prolongs the shelf-life of food products

  • Retains stability under high processing & heat conditions

  • Exhibits low hygroscopicity

What Sets Us Apart

At Fooditive we understand the increasing number of consumers are seeking products with clear nutritional labels; health issues stemming from excessive sugar intake have grown more prominent in recent years.  ​​Food manufacturers face a difficult challenge in finding a suitable replacement for sugar: it must deliver the same sweetness while maintaining similar levels of cost-effectiveness and functionality.  ​  We developed a solution to this dilemma using a new natural, zero-calorie, upcycled sweetener that promises to deliver improved taste, affordability, and a range of optimal functionalities.

Reshaping Sweetness With Sustainability

At the heart of Fooditive is our innovative and revolutionary product - Fooditive Sweetener, also known as 5-D-Keto-Fructose. This groundbreaking sweetener is derived entirely from third and fourth-grade fruits like apples and pears, which would otherwise be discarded. By harnessing the power of fermentation, we transform these surplus fruits into a non-caloric sweetener that is a healthier and tastier alternative to conventional sugar.


Fooditive Sweetener holds the same delightful taste and functionality as regular sugar, yet it's free from allergens, GMO, and it's non-cariogenic. This is the product that pioneered the food industry and change that can be the perfect solution for many functionalities. 

Please Note: Fooditive Sweetener is currently undergoing the novel food application process in Europe and is not yet available for sale.

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