Vegan Casein

Non-Animal Protein

The magic of protein, the secret to every dairy product, which gives us that perfect taste, flavour, and texture. However, with all those great benefits comes great complexity.

Fooditive Casein, GMO free 'end product' that provides the plant-based industry the key to improving the plant-based products and enabling it to compete with the dairy industry, while being able to provide the planet a sustainable and kind way to get our love for milk, or improve for the plant-based lovers the quality and taste they deserve.

The Approach

Our approach on the product

Casein Type

The secret for the creamy, melting, and mature taste that we get in cheese, and the ways we can get the creamy feeling from the mammal milk " cow, goat or sheep" stems from the casein, and that's why in 2019 Fooditive started working on developing the world first industrial scale casein. a-sl -casein, a-s2-casein, β-casein, and κ-casein.

Strain Development

To produce the perfect casein that can give the same function of the casein from cow milk, we had to modify the sequence of the casein to excel on delivering a product that has better absorption in our body.

Strain Modification

lasmids were made in which one protein was expressed with its native signal peptide and the other protein with the OST1 signal peptide to improve the strain during the plasma in the yeast:

The End Product

Purification from the reactor media involves the collection of the protein from the surface of the media,
We are here to help you end the cycle of industrial milk production

At Fooditive, since the day we started, we knew that plant-based dairy applications need protein to deliver the creamy, tasty, and melting factors that cow's milk has naturally.

We have always been a pioneer in the food industry and we offered our love for science, food, and sustainability in our new product.

Understanding the magic of milk has helped us to re-create the same formula that nature designed. We have developed our Vegan Casein a full casein protein formula into yeast using biotechnology and precision fermentation to copy and modify the sequence of the casein and add it to yeast and by feeding our yeast, peas, sugar, and loads of love we are able to make our famous vegan casein.  

Casein is a type of milk protein that is found in the milk of mammals such as cows, goats, and sheep. Its main function is to provide structure to the curds that result from the coagulation of casein-rich liquid milk. The other major function of casein is to bind calcium and magnesium ions in a process called precipitation.

Why is vegan casein better than cow casein?

Vegan Casein has been developed by a team of expert scientists and nutritionists with an unwavering focus on producing products that are healthy, sustainable and delicious. Vegan Casein contains 92% more protein than cow’s milk and can help you achieve your goals in weight management, fitness and muscle building.

Best Applications

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Do you have any questions about Fooditive Sweetener?

What is Fooditive Sweetener?

Fooditive Sweetener ® Keto-Fructose is the first of its kind: a plant-based, zero-calorie sweetener with the same taste and functionality as sugar that is produced by upcycling fruit and vegetable side streams. The ingredient is allergen and GMO-free, and non-carcinogenic. It is mainly used as a sweetening agent and sugar replacement in foods and beverages due to its good sweetening effect and zero-calorie content (in Europe and Japan, 0.2 kcal/g in the USA).

How is Fooditive Sweetener made?

The Raw Material ; We believe that waste has many uses, and we have built this principle into our process.  Fooditive Sweetener is made from natural raw materials – apple and pear side streams. We take what is considered imperfect or unappealing and transform it into an ingredient with value.  
The Process;  The starting point for our Sweetener begins with the extraction of fructose from apples and pears through a process of fermentation. It is then converted to 5-D-Keto-Fructose. The ingredient reaches a high level of quality through bio-refinery and purifying methods. Our patented continuous fermentation process enables us to produce the sweetener in less than 7 hours.

Why did we develop a novel Sweetener?

An increasing number of consumers are seeking products with clear nutritional labels; health issues stemming from excessive sugar intake have grown more prominent in recent years.  Food manufacturers face a difficult challenge finding a suitable replacement for sugar: it must deliver the same sweetness while maintaining similar levels of cost-effectiveness and functionality.  We developed a solution to this dilemma using a new natural, zero-calorie, upcycled sweetener that promises to deliver improved taste, affordability, and a range of optimal functionalities.

What is the novelty status of Fooditive Sweetener?

After three years of researching and understanding sweeteners, we have decided to submit a Novel Food application in 2022, under EU regulations. Our team and partners strongly believe in the uniqueness of the sweetener and that is why this is a major step to successfully bring this game-changer into the market.

Why choose Fooditive Sweetener?

Fooditive Sweetener is a unique sugar alternative with a clean, sweet taste, allowing food manufacturers to replace the functionalities of sugar and reduce the sugar content of their products without compromising taste. The ingredient is GMO-free because it is produced through fermentation and does not contain artificial ingredients, making it completely natural.

What applications can Fooditive Sweetener be used in?

Fooditive Sweetener can be used in a variety of product applications from bakery products, candy and confectionary, dairy products, chocolate, ice-creams, cereal and beverages. It can even be applied in savoury recipes like sauces.

Is Fooditive Sweetener good for my applications?

Because it does not compromise the taste profile, Fooditive Sweetener is suitable for a variety of food and beverage products, including soft drinks, sauces, dairy products, baked goods and much more. The ingredient meets the ever-increasing demand from end-consumers to reduce the sugar content in food and beverage products.

How is my product benefited from Fooditive Sweetener?

The production of the Fooditive Sweetener relies on apple and pear side streams, both of which are rich in pectin. This - in combination with our unique treatment process - produces a sweetener that gives food products structure, stability, and taste. The ingredient can be used with remarkable success as a sugar substitute and can be applied to various food and beverage products, providing bulking and texturizing properties.

What can I do with my company's side-streams?

Fooditive works hard to provide innovative solutions for all side streams of food and beverage production. We collaborate with companies across the food supply chain to increase their efficiency through the use of fruit and vegetable side streams which contain nutritious components with a wide range of potential commercial applications.

Why do we support valorisation of polysaccharide-rich streams?

The methods we use for product development at Fooditive contribute to the goals of sustainable consumption and production patterns across Europe. We give value to polysaccharide-rich raw materials by supporting the consumption of plant-based food, reducing food waste, and offering healthy ingredients to the food industry.  

How can we collaborate?

Fooditive is open to discussing possible partnerships. Please submit a contact form below or contact us at  

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Do you have any questions about our preservative ?

What is Fooditive Preservative?

It is a plant-based, sustainable, and natural ingredient with preserving functions. It offers a clean label on food products and it is made from carrot side-streams.

Why did we develop a plant-based Preservative?

The need for the Preservative came from the demand in the food industry for all-natural, plant-based ingredients that can offer a green label. Our Preservative is the solution to avoid synthetic preservatives and extend the shelf life of food products.

How is it developed?

We extract the desired ingredients with the use of hot water and controlled pH measurement.

Depending on the different sources we take our raw material from, we may apply some additional cleaning processes to ensure the carrot waste is ready to process more. In the next step, we treat the carrot side-streams with water and our solution to make sure we removed all the pesticides.

We heat and centrifugate the raw material to separate solids from liquids and obtain an insoluble component and a water-soluble pectin component.

We add ethanol to the solution to extract all the pectin-component. After this, we have second centrifugation, and we rinse the recovered material. The process is repeated until we have all the carrot extract we want. The preservative is air-dried to obtain the final product.

How can I use Fooditive Preservative in my product?

It keeps the flavour and freshness of food products for longer, while it maintains the texture, taste, and quality of food products. The Preservative is suitable for a variety of product applications including bakery, dairy, sauces, soups, cheese and frozen desserts.

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Do you have any questions about Thickener agent?

What is Fooditive Thickener?

It is a plant-based, sustainable, and natural ingredient with thickening functions. Our thickening agent is made exclusively from banana skin but does not contain its color, starch, sweetness or odour.

Why did we develop a plant-based Thickener?

Food applications require ingredients that can function well, yet a clean label is very important. Our Thickener is made exclusively from banana skin as we wanted to find a solution for banana side-streams.

How is it developed?

We first blend the banana skin with our solution to ensure there is no presence of pesticides. We continue with milling, so to create a slurry out of bananas. The milled banana slurry was allowed to rest in storage tanks for some hours to separate.After this phase, we extract the starch from the solution. The slurry is centrifugated to take a solution with a solids content of 66% minimum.After this process, we end up with a purified starch that is dried to minimum moisture content, sieve it, and it is ready.

What are the properties of the Thickener?

The banana skin extract contains two surfactants, one to stabilize the thickener and one that helps bring the polymer into contact with the aqueous phase of the formulation. When the product is added to water, the polymer expandsinto the water phase to thicken and give stability to the preparation. As the formulation thickens, the oil phase ingredients are emulsified and stabilized.

What are the functionalities of the Thickener?

Fooditive Thickener has a moderate viscosity. It is water soluble with adhesive properties. It contains surfactants that offer efficient contact with the water phase, so it stabilizes the formulations. It prevents sugar crystallization & has the ability to stabilize foam.

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Do you have any questions about Fooditive Fat-Replace?

What is Fooditive Fat Replacer?

Fooditive Fat-Replacer is an innovative ingredient that replicates the performance of fat in food products, ending up with products with lower calories per gram. It is a 100% natural and sustainable product, derived from avocado seeds.

Why did we develop a plant-based Fat Replacer?

Removing fat from a food product is not the solution to making it healthier. A Fat Replacer should offer the functions provided by fat, meaning the flavor, texture, mouthfeel, and volume in food products. That is why we have developed a fat blocking system from avocado seeds, as it is not only healthy but also functional. Our ingredient is also sustainable, as we make use of avocado side-streams and support a circular economy.

Why did we use avocado side streams?

Avocados are highly consumed for their nutrition and appealing sensory profile.However, it is known that CO2 consumption of avocado production makes them not sustainable. Understanding this challenge, we offer a sustainable solution, by valorizing the side-streams and create value out of them.

How do I use Fooditive Fat Replacer in my product?

You can use Fooditive Fat Replacer in any product in which you want to replace fat. For example, in chocolate applications to replace cocoa butter; in ice cream, confectionery and baked goods to replace dairy or vegetable oils; and in the food industry for frying purposes/fried products.  

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Do you have any questions about our vegan Casein?

What is Fooditive Vegan Casein?

Fooditive Vegan Casein is a cruelty-free, sustainable, healthy, and scalable ingredient with the same functions in product applications as a dairy protein.

Why did we develop a Vegan Casein?

The Vegan Casein supports the future of producing dairy proteins without animals, so to deliver on the demand of the food industry for real taste, texture, and nutrition of dairy proteins in a sustainable way. In addition, the Vegan Casein has been developed considering the issues related to dairy consumption. Our vision is to enjoy food without the downsides of factory farming, the presence of lactose, hormones, or antibiotics.

How is it developed?

The process starts by encoding protein DNA sequences into microorganisms, with yeast cell plasmids that can transfer genetic information from a genetic sequence to other parts of the cell. The engineered yeast with protein-producing DNA, converts into a new organism with the use of precision fermentation. The yeast is applied in bioreactor tanks and fed nutrients (peas and sugar). The proteins produced are purified, making the final product GMO-free.

What is the impact of the Vegan Casein?

Fooditive Vegan Casein is environmentally friendly - it requires minimal land, water, and energy to produce. In addition, alternative Proteins is one of the leading EU Food Trends for 2022. The vegan casein is targeted for plant-based dairy & meat applications.

Is Fooditive Vegan Casein GMO?

For the development of Fooditive vegan casein, GMO yeast is being used. We had trials with producing the ingredient using natural resources however, the results have not been satisfying. Following our innovative approach, the milk DNA has been copied for the development of this product. However, our R&D experts are intensively working on purifying methods of the final product to make it GMO-free.

How does it taste?

Fooditive Vegan Casein has a plain taste profile, meaning it does not give any sweetness or saltiness in product applications. ​The taste is slightly salty with no caramelized or burnt notes.This makes it a versatile ingredient for different product applications, as it enhances the texture profile while keeping the taste untouched.

In which form is Vegan Casein provided?

We will provide Fooditive Vegan Casein in a powder form, without mixing it with additional ingredients. The powder has a slightly yellow color and a plain taste.

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Do you have any questions about Emulisfier?

What is Fooditive Emulsifier?

Fooditive® Emulsifier is a plant-based ingredient developed from the extraction of potatoes. It is a 100% natural product that allows liquids such as oil and water to blend smoothly into a stable emulsion.

How is it developed?

We start with the selection of the potato side streams. The side streams can be the skin, from french fries’ production or derived directly from farmers. The side streams are heated and go under further treatment to gelatinize the starch. The potato slurry is dehydrated in order to reach a water content of 8%. For the creation of the emulsifying effect, oil is added and mixing takes place, by the use of known principles for the creation of emulsifiers. This is how we end up with an emulsifier that can be used as a plant-based alternative to the use of eggs.

How can I use this ingredient in my product?

Fooditive Emulsifier is provided in powder form and it can easily be diluted in an aqueous solution. The recommended amount in product application may vary from 2.1%-3.5%.

What are the functionalities of Fooditive Emulsifier?

Fooditive Emulsifier guarantees high emulsification/avoidance of coalescence. It provides high crystallization and reduces the feeling of stickiness. The ingredient provides creaminess in food applications, as it has a positive effect on the viscosity and it is a great dispersing agent. It gives the best outcomes on release and aeration.

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