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Fooditive Sweetener


Kinder for your body

At Fooditive, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the sweet taste of natural fruit. Our Fooditive Sweetener® 5-D-Keto-Fructose is designed to be a healthier alternative to traditional sugar, providing the sweetness you crave without the drawbacks. Learn more about how this sweetener is kinder to your body!

Low Calories

Fooditive Sweetener® 5-D-Keto-Fructose is a sugar substitute designed to be used in place of sugar, with approximately 1.5 calories per gram. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their calorie intake without sacrificing sweetness.


Fooditive Sweetener is a plant-based sweetener made from the fermentation of apples and pears. It is completely vegan and contains no animal products, so it can be used by vegans and anyone who wants to reduce their exposure to animal products in their diet.

Insulin level

Fooditive Sweetener® 5-D-Keto-Fructose is formulated to help maintain stable blood sugar levels. Free from carbohydrates that cause spikes in blood sugar, it offers a sweet option suitable for individuals managing their blood sugar. It does not contain fructose, which can cause intestinal issues for some individuals.


We pride ourselves on using a bioconversion process that transforms fructose into 5-D-Keto-Fructose. Starting with fructose extracted from apples and pears, we use a specific strain of bacteria that converts fructose into 5-D-Keto-Fructose. This ensures you get a high-quality product made from natural sources through an innovative and sustainable method. Learn more about our commitment to quality and innovation

Allergen free

Fooditive Sweetener Keto-Fructose does not contain any allergens including the top 8 FDA recognised allergen products, which are: dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, tree nuts (including coconut), soy, shellfish, and wheat.